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Home&HelpConstruction is a company specialized in Swimming Pool Construction Marbella using different styles and materials. We have experience, with professional employees and means that allow us to work offering a quality product and the best conditions. One of our strengths: flexibility. Being able to offer a wide range of types of swimming pool constructions is something that defines us, in addition to our commitment to pool construction in time and budget.


Today, there’s no doubt that the swimming pool world is very wide: different sizes, designs and even materials.

Spain is the second country with more built swimming pools, this means that we’re a benchmark in the sector. The investment in it has not stopped growing and that has allowed us to have different types: from the smallest and most functional, to those that have an amazing design, their price is higher and, therefore, are more sophisticated.

But there’s more; in recent years, the classic, rectangular pools have been set aside and pools with the most avant-garde designs have entered the market. Technology has revolutionized the sector and, today, we have swimming pools with home automation systems for water maintenance and management, pools with less degradable materials, etc. In HomeandHelpConstruction, we can build these types of pools.

Construction Swimming Pools in Marbella

Specialists in the design and building of construction pools in Marbella. We take care of everything, from breaking the ground and making a hole, taking into account the measures of the pool, to then building it to your liking and with the highest level of detail.

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    Not all pools have the same quality. So, we’ll start talking about inflatable pools. They don’t require work and are easy to install but, at an aesthetic and functional level, they have the worst function. Of course, you have to fix the place where it’s going to be placed, so that cracks are not created and they’re not damaged. So, from our point of view, there are three types of real swimming pools.

    Glass-reinforced polyester swimming pools

    Swimming Pool Construction MarbellaSwimming pools made with glass-reinforced polyester, which is a highly-demanded alternative today, since it’s a cheap pool and the installation is permanent and simple. They’re usually guaranteed and can be purchased with several “accessories”: a hydromassage system, lighting, an outer cover, accessories to treat and filter the water, etc. In addition, you can select yours by choosing between different shapes and sizes (although you have to take into account that they’re closed sizes and you cannot build a pool to your liking).

    The negative point of polyester pools is that you have to keep in mind that they should always be full of water (as they could lose their shape), they deteriorate quicker due to exposure to the sun (although there are models that have managed to make considerable progress in this sense) and they don’t look the same as a construction pool.


    Stainless Steel Swimming Pool in Marbella

    Another option is stainless steel pools. These are formed by stainless steel honeycombs, as their name implies.

    In this case, work must be done in order to install it: do a pit and then place the stainless-steel panels, one by one, until the entire structure is created. The positive side: they don’t crack and deform like the polyester ones, but in the long run, they can suffer certain deteriorations (loss of color, stiffness, etc.). When we talk about the long run, we mean after about seven years, approximately.

    Concrete Swimming Pools in Marbella

    Finally, we have construction or concrete pools. These are made to measure according to your liking. They have no limits in size or appearance, and you just have to be more careful with the qualities of the materials with which it’ll be built.

    These types of pools have a base, and reinforced concrete walls. It’s built in one piece and can be built by formwork or shotcrete. The roast of the pool is tiles or vitreous (colors and shapes of your choice), which gives the pool a quality aspect.

    The prices for a construction swimming pool may vary depending on the size and materials chosen. You can contact us for a quote without any type of commitment.

    Its advantages? Very nice and different finishes (a la carte), variety of cleaning and maintenance types, these are the pools that have greater resistance, as well as less degradation (obviously, they deteriorate over time but they last much longer).

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    We give you a budget without any commitment. At Home and Help, we answer all questions and we’ll inform you about the advantages and benefits of building your pool in Marbella.

    We give you a budget without any commitment. At Home and Help, we answer all questions and we’ll inform you about the advantages and benefits of building your pool in Marbella.


    In the case of choosing a construction swimming pool, you can also choose between different designs.

    One of the current trends are infinity pools. Recommended for an outdoor space where you can enjoy the limitless views. Although the reality is that their name comes from the fact that they’re designed in such a way that the water overflows. It doesn’t have a wall that limits this, so to speak. Water falls vertically on a gutter that acts as a reservoir and compensates.

    You can also opt for heated pools, to give them a use regardless of the season you are in, or indoor pools (more focused on an interior space).

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