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Quality Reforms in Estepona, Marbella and Sotogrande.



Performing a renovation considerably improves the functionality, beauty, comfort, and quality of life in the home. In Home and Help, we provide you with a qualified human team and a broad experience in the forefront in the service of comprehensive reburbishment in Estepona, Marbella, and Sotogrande.

When facing a renovation, whether comprehensive or partial, it is fundamental to have a team of professionals who can advise you and develop the work quickly and efficiently with the objective of not delaying the project, thus avoiding the inconvenience caused by a refurbishment in your home, facility or community.

We deal with any renovation in single-family houses, floors, apartments, facilities, and communities (bathrooms, kitchens, facades, soundproofing, etc.). We expanded and reorganized the space to get better use of the available meters including all types of facilities (plumbing, electricity, etc.).

We are aware of the importance of carrying out a renovation and that is why we want you to know that you are in the hands of a professional and demanding company in the execution of the work, to which you can at any time and contact us for advice or information, which guarantees a quality service in the established term.

Our experience has allowed us to work with different companies and types of materials. And for that reason, we will choose and put at your disposal materials of the highest quality at competitive prices that adapt to your requirements and tastes.

We perform renovations in:

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    Reformas Viviendas

    We Make the Difference


    We use the best materials on the market at a competitive price.

    Equipo Profesional

    A highly qualified team with broad experience.

    Proyectos Adaptados

    Projects adapted to the customer with constant advice.

    Requerimientos Proyectos

    We take care of doing everything the project demands.

    Satisfacción Clientes

    Customer's satisfaction with the projects carried out supports us.

    Are you thinking about refurbishment your home?

    It is an important and challenging decision to make. And for that reason, we will advise you on everything, and we will elaborate a budget without a commitment to help you decide.
    We create personalized projects that will make your home a cozy and unique space, bet for us!

    Interior Renovations:

    We carry out all kinds of renovations inside homes. And among many others, we specialize in:
    Reformas Interiores
    Reformas Exteriores

    Exterior Renovations:

    We are experts in the exterior renovations of homes and communities. Among the works we do are:

    Commercial Premises:

    Do you need a renovation in your business?

    If you need to make a renovation for a new distribution of your business, or you need to adapt the premises to the regulations in force, count on us. We put our team at your disposal to renovate your business.

    Cafes, bars, pharmacies, clinics, businesses, we carry out renovations in any facility adjusting ourselves to the needs and schedules of the same. The services that most demand our customers are the wall and floor coverings, soundproofing, adaptation of the space for the use of industrial machinery, installation of X-ray devices and lining of walls with lead for clinics, use of materials of higher resistance for industrial use, etc.

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