Polishing and Light Sanding Floors in Marbella

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WE ARE EXPERTS IN Polishing and Light Sanding Floors in Marbella

From Home and Help we offer an optimal service of polishing and Light Sanding of floors in Marbella. We make your floor shine like on its first day.

Home & Help Construction is a company specialized in the construction, reform and maintenance of homes, businesses and communities, standing out amongst our services are the polishing and Light Sanding of marble or terrazzo floors.

Why is the polishing and Light Sanding of floors in Marbella important?

Many will think that polishing floors in Marbella is simply for the aesthetic perspective, ignoring that this helps to eliminate the wear, damage or deterioration it presents.

It should be noted that depending on the wear, before Light Sanding, it will be necessary to perform the polishing of marble or terrazzo floors, this is a material that, although very resistant, can suffer wear over time, especially if this passes through constant friction with objects such as tables, furniture, chairs, among others, or has not been cared for in detail.

In order to perform correctly the polishing and Light Sanding of the floors it is necessary to have a series of materials and tools, as well as the appropriate knowledge of how to operate the machines, as this requires the filling of joints, holes or cracks, where it is necessary to use diamonds of different sizes and dimensions.

Only by combining advanced technological equipment with the right materials can you guarantee efficient polishing of marble or terrazzo. At Home&Help Construction, we have a long history and experience in caring for the floor.

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    Light Sanding of floors in Marbella

    Floor Light Sanding is done if the floor is not damaged or has been previously polished, this can be done not only on marble surfaces, you can also shine the floors of terraces, where just like the polishing process, this needs an equipment and chemicals and waxes to be effective and durable.

    Many people will think that polishing and Light Sanding is a long, tedious and noisy process, not to mention that at Home&Help Construction we have the latest technology equipment, which will do an optimum job, in a short time and without any kind of noise.

    Floor Light Sanding is a process that, if done correctly, does not raise any dust. In this process, all the liquid components required by the marble or terrazzo are carefully applied, after which the Light Sanding machine is used.

    This machine, in the inferior part, where it is in contact with the ground, has some discs with bristles, these bristles are the ones that contain the crystals or diamonds that play a fundamental role at the moment of the Light Sanding, these, when mixing them with chemical liquids make it shine.

    It must not be ignored that the handling of the equipment along with the use of quality chemicals is of vital importance, otherwise, the marble or terrazzo can be stained, worst case scenario with irreversible stains or even deterioration of the floor.

    The liquid component used for the Light Sanding of the floors is the one that manages to penetrate the floor through the grooves that the marble or terrazzo has even after the polishing process, for this reason, it is not necessary to stop the Light Sanding of the floor after it has been polished.

    The Light Sanding machine makes the discs in its lower part make a uniform circular movement, this movement is not enough since it is necessary to pass the machine slowly and in a very symmetrical way over the whole surface of the floor, in order to make it look as uniform as possible.

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    It is necessary to remember, that by polishing and Light Sanding correctly the marble or terrazzo, you can preserve the uniformity of the floor for much longer and have it looking as new.

    Experience in polishing and Light Sanding of floors in Marbella

    We have years of experience, certified and endorsed by our clientele. In Home&HelpConstruction.com we guarantee a work with the latest technology, as well as a highly professional and qualified technical team.

    Not everyone can do the polishing or Light Sanding of the floor, this requires knowledge and care, both in the use of technological equipment, as in the application of chemicals, otherwise the marble or terrazzo may suffer a greater deterioration than it could have already had.

    Home&Help Construction Marbella will bring back the shine of the first day to your marble floors by polishing and Light Sanding them.

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