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Do you know what Mortex is?

Mortex Micro-Mortar is a type of special mortar coating, ideal for new-builds or refurbishments in Estepona, Marbella or Manilva, allowing perfect harmony between the aesthetic and technical aspects of floor, wall, façade, pond and pool coating.

This type of special, low-thickness coating, ranging from 1 to 3 millimetres, is perfect for continuous, technical and decorative solutions, combining wide varieties of colours, textures and finishes.

At Home&Help Construction, we are a team of professionals specialising in Mortex Technical and Decorative Continuous Coating in Estepona, Marbella and Manilva, Sotogrande and overall Costa del Sol. We handle client advising to guarantee quality in all finishes, aesthetically as well as technically.

Discover the decorative coating solution that doesn’t fissure or crack. We work outdoors and indoors on any type of surface, assuring durability and adaptability.

In Micro-mortar Mortex Estepona, Marbella and Manilva, we commit to beginning and end dates for all our projects, without a need for burdensome construction work, noise or debris, in a quick and efficient manner.

What are its qualities?

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    Where can it be applied?

    The Mortex Micro-mortar can be used over multiple surfaces, from the floor to the walls, indoor as well as outdoor, as the optimal solution, as long as the base is healthy and solid.

    Although in principle Mortex coating was used mainly for functional purposes, its unique characteristics and great aesthetic potential have made it a multiuse product, capable of adapting to any design and surface.


    Floors and Walls

    In Home&Help Construction we build comfortable and functional spaces, adapted to your own style. Thanks to its hardness and impermeability it can be applied to floors, terraces and facades, over tiles or an adapted radiator heating system.


    Coating for stairs is a technical and decorative solution which achieves the most in-demand continuous finishing in architecture and decorative design.


    Consolidate your bathroom design with a continuous coating, continuous showers without the need to install a tray, washbasins with custom designs, etc.


    In kitchens, Mortex Micro-Mortar can be applied on walls, floors, countertops, tables or other types of furniture. We create your exclusive kitchen to fit your taste. Thanks to its impermeability and resistance to cleaning products, it is washable and dent-resistant.


    Mortex Micro-mortar guarantees water tightness of pools and ponds, due to its waterproof qualities, for positive and negative pressures over 4 bars. Your ponds or pools will have a unique mineral finish, nice to the touch and in perfect harmony with the environment.

    Furniture and Decoration

    Mortex transforms a conunter-top or a piece of furniture, giving it a completely customised look, with different colours, shades, textures, shapes, etc. Create unique pieces without limiting your imagination and give new life to your home.
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    Why choose Mortex Micro-Mortar in Marbella, Estepona and Manilva?

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