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The microcement allows the creation of unique spaces with a material that stands out for its versatility, strength, and nobility. It can be applied in multiple situations, making this an excellent solution for the coating of any surface that you need to renew.

In Home and Help, we bet on the micro-cement. Our experience with this material along with the aesthetic result that it offers and its savings cost makes it possible for us to advise its use whenever the situation allows it. Our team has been specializing in this material until getting today incredible results and finishes. There are many advantages provided by this material, among them, which is a fireproof and waterproof material which allows its use in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The microcement is a material that is used in homes, businesses, offices, and hotels creating continuous surfaces without joints and giving the space a feeling of greater amplitude. You can choose the color so it easily fits into the decoration of the area in which it will be used. The most common use given to this material is to cover walls, floors, ceilings, facades, and stairs given its beauty and its ease to be cleaned.

“In a few years, it has become a very popular material because of the adaptation it has in any surface, making this a material that must be taken into account when carrying out work or renovation.”

Save yourself the work! One of the significant advantages of MicroCemento is that it can be applied to existing materials, allowing in a short time to renovate the space without the problems produced by a conventional work. Forget dirt, debris, clutter and the cost that comes with work.

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