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Community Maintenance

Experience and professionalism for your neighbors.

If you need different services for your neighborhood community, you should have great professionals who provide an effective and quality service in Estepona, Marbella, Sotogrande, and surroundings.

By contracting Home and Help for your community, you get the peace of mind to trust in a serious and professional company. And which will be in charge of doing whatever necessary for optimal maintenance of the facilities, providing them with a long life and avoiding problems shortly? The most common tasks we carry out in communities are cleaning, electricity, and small repairs. In communities that have a garden or pool, we also provide maintenance carried out for professionals.

Being a reference company in construction and renovations in the area, if the community needs to adapt a common area or needs to do work, we can also take care of it, seeking at all times for the highest efficiency and speed possible.

You can contact us without obligation, leave your community in our hands.

Ask For Your Quote Without Commitment

    Creation and Maintenance of Gardens

    Trust in the experience of Home and Help.

    We have in our staff a team specialized in the creation and maintenance of gardens. We provide services in private homes and communities in Marbella, Estepona, Sotogrande, and surroundings.

    The experience of our gardeners enables us to take care of the project from its beginning to periodic maintenance. In addition to creating a garden, we are specialized in renovations so we can replace or change any space, facility or furniture.

    We also take care of gardens already created, for which we will suggest improvements to achieve greater efficiency and beauty always in consensus with the customer.

    Once the garden is designed, or the proposed change of the existing garden is made, we will take care of the periodic maintenance, which includes irrigation, mowing, planting new plants, pruning maintenance, cleaning, etc.

    Leave your Garden in our Hands

    Maintenance and Swimming Pool Renovation

    Enjoy your pool without worries.

    Does your pool need a renovation? Over time, the deterioration of the pool is very common. The fall of the tile, poor fixation of stairs or the low lighting is some of the examples of the deterioration that the swimming pools suffer. This deterioration, in addition to unsightly, can be dangerous for the bather.

    We also check if the pool has any loss of water, to avoid the costs and problems that this generates. To do this, we use the right equipment for each situation and the latest waterproofing techniques in the market.

    Once the pool is set up, we take care of the professional cleaning of the pool and its periodic maintenance facilitating that the user only has to worry about enjoying the pool.

    Ask us for information without obligation; we can help you and leave your pool in the best conditions.

    Electrical Installations

    We install and repair your electrical installation.

    We take care of electrical installation and repair in homes, businesses, offices and industrial companies, and we also do any extra work that needs to be done thanks to our complete construction and renovation service.

    Once we have installed or repaired the electrical installation, we provide the service of maintenance to this one with the utmost professionalism and being at all times available to the customer. Our staff is trained to offer a quality maintenance service that provides the expected satisfaction.

    For us, the most important thing is the satisfaction of our customers, so our primary concern is to satisfy his/her requirements. For this reason, we have an advisory team for the lighting of your home, business, and company.


    Are you looking for a plumber?

    Here in Home and Help, we can help you. Our team performs all types of plumbing services from a new bathroom or kitchen installations, to the repairment of existing facilities.

    We can also offer regular maintenance of the facility to prevent any breakdown or setback for the customer. We fix taps, install thermos and boilers, fix radiators, find leaks and fix them, cisterns, etc.

    We perform a comprehensive renovation service so if you have had a problem with your installation and you need a repair of dampness or downspouts, do not hesitate to call us, we will be happy to fix it.

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