Maintenance for Community of Owners in Marbella

Neighbour Communities Maintenance Company in Marbella


Maintenance for Community of Owners in Marbella with quality services, in expert hands and at the best prices, made possible thanks to Home and Help Construction. All types of community services: Cleaning, garden and pool maintenance, installations, refurbishments, restorations, etc.

We think of all types of communities. We are conscious of the existing difference between communities, given the number of neighbours, its size or types of services it may require. Depending on the level of maintenance it requires, our experts will visit and analyse the community and build a cost-estimate entirely adjusted to the community’s needs. They will include only the necessary costs for the perfect functioning of the community.

Everything needed for community maintenance in Marbella, brought together in one company. This is what Home and Help offers you, the possibility to have all the services needed in a community of neighbours to make it function correctly, without the need for different companies for each service.


«We are specialists in maintaining and improving communities in Marbella. We count on a team with great experience in all types of community tasks, especially in cleaning and maintenance of communal areas. Rest assured that you are counting on a serious, efficient and professional company.»
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Cleaning Estepona


From the doorway entrance to the most hidden corners, we make sure the community is in perfect conditions. With day-to-day use, communal areas get dirty and cause a bad image between neighbours and visitors. This will cease to be a problem with Home and Help.

Garden Maintenance

In the case of a community with a garden, we provide the community with gardeners with great experience in the creation, maintenance and care of green areas in Marbella. Punctual or periodic maintenance.

Pool Maintenance

The ease of having a cared for, clean and safe pool. During the months that it is in use, we focus especially on pools to maintain the highest quality of water and space that makes up the pool.


We maintain the community updated. We make new installations, as well as reforms and improvements to the existing ones. Plumbing, electrical installations, light changes, etc.

Other Services

We are at ease adapting to anything that a community may need from us in Marbella. In Home and Help you will always find a professional specialised in the matter that will solve the problem.

Marbella Community Reforms

Home and Help
Thanks to the diversification of services, at Home and Help Construction we count on a team specialised in the refurbishment and restoration of homes and communities. This allows us, on top of offering community maintenance services in Marbella, to be able to offer a comprehensive restoration service. Improvement of communal areas, refurbishment of facades and interiors, creation of spaces, painting or installations (electricity, climatization, pools, aerials, etc.).


Why hire Home and Help for communities in Marbella?

  • The community comes first: There will always be a Home and Help employee within reach to help resolve any problem, listen to suggestions or make changes in our community services.
  • Custom Work: No two communities are made the same and therefore do not require the same amount of time or services. We adjust our work to the community’s demand.
  • Planning: All work is researched and planned in advance to be able to improve its execution time, offering a fast and efficient service.
  • Constant Updating: We are always looking out for insights and new techniques which allow us to offer the best services in Marbella and its surroundings.
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