Maintenance for Community of Owners in Estepona

Integral Maintenance for Community of Owners in Estepona


The maintenance of Community of Owners in Estepona has a name and it is Home and Help. Professionals adapted to the needs of each community. We deal with all services related to the maintenance, conservation and improvement of communities. Are you looking for a reliable company? Get to know us!

There are many types of communities in Estepona: small blocks, with or without elevator, large communities with gardens, swimming pool, playgrounds, etc. At Home and Help, they all have a place and we only offer the services that are necessary for their proper maintenance. For example, in small buildings, a light maintenance and periodic cleaning will suffice; while in large communities, we provide services such as the maintenance of gardens and swimming pools, plumbing, electricity, renovations, etc.

Keeping a continuous and exhaustive maintenance of the community, in addition to keeping the common areas in optimal conditions, allows us to avoid having to make costly arrangements and reforms for the owners in the future. We get the community to stand out above the others.

Communities specialists in Estepona

«“It is not advisable to leave the maintenance of the community to any company without knowing their commitment and professionalism. At Home and Help, in addition to our extensive experience in Estepona, we have the necessary resources to provide the services demanded by the community at all times.”»

We want you to forget about the daily problems generated by the maintenance of a community in Estepona. We know that’s not an easy task, but with the passage of time you will check the seriousness with which we work and how meticulous we are with having everything under control and in perfect condition.

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    Maintenance Services for Communities in Estepona

    Cleaning Estepona


    The common areas will no longer have dirt problems. At Home and Help, we specialize in cleaning communities in Estepona. We periodically clean all the elements of the community. Elevator, stairs, railings, mailboxes, switches, windows, etc. Ensuring the hygiene conditions necessary for living together.

    Garden Maintenance

    Does your community have a garden? Having the lawn and garden taken care of will bring great value to the community. We offer punctual or periodic services with professional gardeners.

    Swimming Pool Maintenance

    We all like to find the pool in perfect condition when we want to use it. With Home and Help, the community pool will be bright during the months of use.


    We take care that everything related to electricity within the community works perfectly. We carry out lightning maintenance and replacement.

    Other Services

    In addition to communities that need more specific work we perform painting, floor treatment, plumbing and all kinds of installations.

    Community Reforms in Estepona​

    Home and Help
    One of our specialties is construction and reform. We are experts in community of owners and buildings reforms in Estepona. We work all kinds of reforms for the arrangement and improvement of community areas, and we do it at the best price guaranteed. On the other hand, we also carry out installations of any kind, electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, television, etc. Do not hesitate to request a quote, we will prepare a personalized one for you without any commitment.


    Advantages of having Home and Help Construction for your community in Estepona

    Home and Help Construction
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