Interior Design and Decoration

Give personality to your project!


We improve space allocation and give the project its own identity.

Our company is dedicated to the construction and renovation of homes and businesses; therefore, we could not ignore something as important as the interior and exterior design in our desire to provide you all project phases combining into one company the entire project.

During the process of renovation and decoration of the premises or housing, our team will be at your disposal to modify or improve the project or its execution. This way we can ensure a personalized communication in each case to achieve the expected result.

We are always aware of the latest trends in decoration to provide you with the best materials and the most innovative ideas. These tips that we give you are options, but the final decision will always be yours, and we will stick to it.

We perform all types of interior design and exterior decoration projects. Tailored-made furniture, installation of any tiling, including antique or vintage tiling, mirrors, decorative floors, wallpaper, lighting, fireplaces, decoration with crystals and stainless steel, decorative and textured paint, moldings, customized skirting boards, etc.

We adapt to your designer!

If you have hired your designer, our team will be at his/her disposal.

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    Why choose us?

    We offer you the best materials in the market.

    We adapt ourselves to the customer’s requirements and tastes.

    If you need it, we make tailor-made furniture adjusted to space.

    Requerimientos Proyectos

    We take care of carrying out all the phases of the project.

    Clientes Satisfechos

    Your satisfaction is our goal.

    Do you allow us to help you decorate?

    Home and Help
    Home and Help has been helping individuals and companies decorate their premises or homes for years; our experience and dedication are our best guarantee. Do you want to speak to us? Ask us for information without obligation.

    Commercial Premises:

    Are you going to open a business or want to change its image? You are in good hands, Home and Help, we have been working for years on the renovation and decoration of commercial premises. We can help you to make your business project a success.

    We must take into account that the image of a business is the first thing that a customer sees, before even entering, so it is essential to take that into account because it can be the differential factor of success or failure of your business.

    Our team of experts with broad experience in the interior design of commercial premises in Estepona, Marbella, and Sotogrande will be responsible for the project from the beginning, striving every day to know the latest trends and techniques of the market to provide different options and find the most ideal for each project.

    Home and Help Construction
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