Construction of Swimming Pools Sotogrande


Construction of Swimming Pools in Sotogrande by Professional Hands

Construction of swimming pools in Sotogrande. We build swimming pools with all types of materials, adjusting to each customer’s case and situation. Still not clear which type of pool you are looking for or which can best suit your needs? Don’t strain your mind any longer because at Home & Help Construction we will advise you and recommend the pool design and the materials that best suit you.

The construction of swimming pools in Sotogrande has increased considerably in recent years, as it is an area which you can use and enjoy over a long season. Consequently, at Home & Help Construction we advocate more than just the traditional and prototypical model of a rectangular pool. We want to improve on the construction of swimming pools with more modern materials, that last; that are much more resistant to the passage of time, and above all, are of excellent quality, in order to reduce maintenance costs.

Of course, we never overlook technology in the construction of our swimming pools in Sotogrande; quite the opposite, we have incorporated home automation systems, lights and even heating systems so that you can enjoy your pool not only during spring and summer, but also in autumn and winter.
At Home & Help Construction you have a team of well-trained professionals who are able to carry out any type of work, from the construction of a swimming pool in the purest traditional style, to a pool that is completely innovative in materials and design.

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    The types of pools we build at Home & Help Construction in Sotogrande are:

    Concrete Pools


    Tile Pools


    Polyester Pools

    Liner Pools

    Natural Pools

    Sand Pools

    We will always be by your side during the construction process. From prior technical advice to construction in all its stages: excavation, construction, materials, waterproofing…; as well as final details and the finishing touches.

    You can stop looking for companies for the construction of your pool in Sotogrande because you have already found the right one. At Home & Help Construction we offer quality and functional services and the customer’s opinion is most important to us. We want to stay true to your idea and what you desire or need. Always respecting delivery times, our main objective is customer satisfaction with the end result.

    Sotogrande Pool Renovation

    At Home & Help Construction we not only take care of the construction of swimming pools in Sotogrande, but also the renovation of pools for those people who would like to remodel their pool.

    Our team of professionals will assess the lining and the current shell of the pool, from there decide what would be the best way to reform the pool and what it needs: reinforce any joins, change the lining, install a new reinforced sheet for those shells that can no longer be repaired…

    In pool renovations advice is the key to the end result. So, from Home & Help Construction we will always advise you what is best for your pool in relation to its shape, design and the environment in which it is located.

    Construction of Swimming Pools Sotogrande
    Within the pool renovation plan in Sotogrande you have:

    Coating changes and the addition of new elements: depending on the recommendation that our team of professionals have drawn up about the evaluation of your pool lining, we will reinforce it or replace it with a new one if the current one that is already very deteriorated. In addition, it is during this phase that you can add new elements to your pool such as ramps, stairs, benches… Tell us what you have in mind and we will incorporate it into the renovation of your Sotogrande pool so that it perfectly suits your needs

    Coping stones and lighting: another step for the reform of your pool in Sotogrande is to choose the finish of the edges, as well as adding lighting to the pool for, as an example, those summer nights in which it is very hot and you want to take a dip, or to give it a different atmosphere at night. As far as pool lighting systems are concerned, traditional systems are already outdated, so we are now promoting fibre optic systems and different shades and colours.

    Home and Help
    Should we inform you of everything related to the Construction of Swimming Pools in Sotogrande
    Contact us if you want to give your pool a facelift in Sotogrande. We promise you won’t regret it.

    Restoration of Sotogrande pools

    Finally, in addition to the construction and pool renovation services in Sotogrande, at Home & Help Construction we also have a swimming pool restoration service in Sotogrande in which our team of experts will take care of:

    – Repairing the structure that has been damaged by the leakage of water from the shell.
    – Half round corner tiles for better cleaning of the pool.
    – Change the old coating to a new, better quality one.
    – Increase or decrease the depth, as well as the size of the shell.
    – Solve problems arising from sealing.
    – Create non-slip zones.
    To do this, the materials we make use of are:
    – Polyester reinforced with fibreglass
    – PVC reinforced sheets
    – Waterproofing systems that allow for subsequent plating.

    Don’t wait any longer and contact us to shape this project!

    Construction of Swimming Pools Sotogrande
    Home and Help Construction
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