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What if you could make your dream come true?

For years, the goal of Home and Help has been to make of each project something special, making each of them unique and characteristic for each customer. We are a builder company specialized in the construction of single-family homes, villages and large projects in Marbella, Estepona, and Sotogrande.

If you want to accomplish something as important as building a house, you need to work with a company that will provide you security and the ability to manage the building phases of housing, from the choice of the plot to the delivery of keys.

To provide a full construction service, from its initial phase to finish the work, we have a specialized team in each area, and it is formed by architects and technical engineers who will supervise the project at all times to ensure the proper functioning of the work.

We use for our works, the construction materials that best suit to each project, and we always choose among those available in the market, the ones with the highest quality, so that you don’t have to change any material for an extended period.

Constant Communication.

The most important to the ultimate success of the project is the communication from the beginning to lay the groundwork for what in the future will be a reality. Our experts will be available at all times and in direct contact to resolve any questions, problems or advice you need. We try to perform unique projects where the functionality, energetic efficiency and personality merge making of your new home a fulfilled dream, for which the fluid communication is indispensable.

Ask for your Quote Without Commitment

    Unique Projects


    We assist the customer, adjusting ourselves to his requirements and tastes.

    Requerimientos Proyectos

    We take care of doing everything the project demands.

    Materiales Calidad

    We use the best materials on the market at a competitive price.

    Entrega llaves

    We deliver you your house wholly finished for you to enjoy.

    Clientes Satisfechos

    We don’t finish the job until the client is 100% satisfied.

    Constructora Villas

    Are you looking to build your house?

    Home and Help
    We’d like you to know us and verify that we are the right company to carry out the project. Ask us for information without obligation; we will be happy to help you build your house.

    Home and Help Construction:

    The Security of a Warranty Builder Company.

    We are careful with every detail of the project. Every step that our team runs, it is studied and controlled to prevent errors that may arise. We are not a construction company to use; we put our effort and commitment so that you remember us with great affection after building your house because we are passionate about the idea of making each project a reality.

    We have achieved, thanks to the work, high prestige and a portfolio of customers that we maintain thanks to the attention and importance that we give them. We help them and solve their doubts whenever they need it. These are some of the projects we carry out.

    If you are thinking of building your house, ask us for a quote without commitment, we will study the case, adapt our services to your demand. If you still have doubts, get in touch with us, and you can get to know us. Our degree of professionalism, commitment to the customer, seriousness, and dedication with which we work on each project will clear your doubts.

    Reformas y Construccion
    Home and Help Construction
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